In the run-up to the 1996 Presidential Elections, the NPP had elected John Kufuor while NCP (renamed PCP later to be renamed CPP) had elected the sitting Vice President, Neenyi Kow Nkensen Arkaah. To offer a very credible opposition, these two parties went into an alliance (aka Great Alliance) for the purpose. 

The negotiations were led by Ben Joao da-Rocha for the NPP and Al-Hajj Asoma Banda for the PCP. It was long, intense and difficult with each side fighting for the best of the pie. 
The PCP which had 8 MPs and a sitting Vice President as its bargaining chip, fought for the Presidential candidate slot and 50% of parliamentary seats while the NPP without any MPs (they had boycotted the 1992 parliamentary elections). They however had 2 Independent MPs aligned to it and a very loud bandwagon of heavyweight politicians would settle for nothing but the Presidential candidate slot as well as a minimum of 75% of the total parliamentary slots.

As the arguments rolled in an unending manner (lasting several weeks), a frustrated Peter Ala-Adjetey who was the NPP Chairman, told the meeting, “We are not here to share a cake so people can argue for portions. We are fashioning out each party’s share of the parliamentary seats based on our strengths. We are talking about the strength of the parties on the ground. Nothing short, nothing more!” 

Eventually, the NPP got the presidential slot with 55% parliamentary seats while PCP took the running mate and the remainder of the seats to fill. By the time filing at EC was closed, NPP had filed all 200 seats with PCP filing about 130 or so seats. The NPP won 61 with PCP winning 5. Politics!!!!!