Just chanced on circulation of these two cheques as purported payment of Ibrahim Mahama’s indebtedness to the Ghana Revenue Authority. Much as it’s refreshing that that money has finally been paid, I don’t think that it is proper to have cheques of corporate entities and individuals displayed in public in this manner. 

I have noticed that for some time now, letters addressed to state officials, minutes of meetings, confidential reports, appointment letters, etc are all leaked out into the public domain. Unlike journalists and sometimes whistleblowers who mostly quote the content for their stories without necessarily publishing the documents (except dared), these latter-day party apparatchiks without any provocation whatsoever brazenly display these documents on any available media platforms as are availed to them. In most of these cases, the motive is sheer political mischief and propaganda. It’s gotten to a point where it’s now a game of who is able to throw out as many of such as possible.

This practice isn’t only unethical and backward, but also nation wrecking and must cease. How do we expect to build a nation in this manner. To anyone who has been used to undertake these so-called leaks for sheer political mischief (be they civil servants, public servants or party foot-solders), please stop… Repent! WE CAN’T BUILD GHANA WITH SUCH ATTITUDES… LET US BUILD TRUST AMONG OURSELVES AS GHANAIANS AND CHANNEL OUR ENERGIES TOWARDS SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT TO BUILD A PROGRESSIVELY DEVELOPING NATION THAT WE ALL CAN BE PROUD OF.