On my way back from the centre, I reflected soberly on the trajectory of the application process, I was more than convinced that systems can work in our country if we really do determine it to be so. 

We have a penchant in this country to criticize leadership when things go wrong but hardly give praise when government policy yields positive outcomes.
The Premium Application Centre (PAC) of the Passports Office was set up towards the end of 2017 and it does appear that it has really established itself as a very efficient processing centre. It is important that the government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes the appropriate steps to promote the centre so as to reduce the congestion in the various processing centers such as the one at Ridge in Accra.

The other suggestion the Ministry could consider is the establishment of additional Premium Application Centres across our cities.
While at it, my dear friend, commuters who ply the Amasaman to Achimota portion of the Accra-Kumasi highway had for months, had to endure the pain of going through very heavy traffic daily. This got even worse when contractors for the Pokuase Interchange pitched camp on site for the project to begin. There were times when a simple two kilometre stretch could take as much as an hour or more. Then from nowhere, the otherwise wide median which had been filled and compacted, was asphalted and a lane each added to both sides of the highway thereby increasing the dual carriageway to triple carriageway on either side. 

Overnight, the hitherto nightmarish traffic experienced by commuters vanished into thin air. Certainly, it had taken someone to dream up this very simple solution and that official needs to be highly commended. To date, I still wonder how such a simple solution never came up all these months. This is a testament to the fact that several of our challenges as a country though appear huge, could probably be dealt with quite easily if we set our minds to them and are diligent in proffering solution as appropriate.

Ghana can indeed work again. It would take you and I to make it happen. Let us all purpose to play our roles to get our country’s challenges dealt with.