In 2003, my alma mata had requested me to steer the 10th Anniversary of the institution’s denominational campus ministry (PENSA). One key highlight of the anniversary activities was the publication of a Commemorative Magazine. Surely, we needed to have a message from the Chairman of the church. How were we going to have access to him? We tried getting emissaries to facilitate this but all failed. One fine day, I gathered great courage and picked two mobile numbers from the church’s calendar section that listed all its field personnel. I dialled the first number and it was a lady’s voice. Apparently, it was Mrs. Martha Ntumy. After the initial greetings, she politely told me that the number was hers and that I should call the other one which was for the Chairman. You can imagine the swiftness with which I dialled it. After three or so rings, the Chairman came alive on the line, ‘Michael Ntumy here!’ I literally froze, unsure of what next to say. I introduced myself and the reason for my call before introducing the request for the Foreword to the magazine.

My dear friend, the Chairman had gladly agreed to do so and actually asked that I pick it from his Personal Secretary (Pastor Andrew Adu-Amankwaa) in two days. I remember further asking if he could oblige us with a portrait picture and he jokingly asked if I wanted a youthful picture or an apostolic picture. On the agreed date, I went to his office and the Foreword and portrait were both in a sealed envelope for collection. My second encounter with him was when I led a delegation of the students (with Samuel Owusu as President) and alumni to present the first copy of the magazine to the Chairman. He glanced through the pages, very impressed and asked, ‘You did this yourselves and locally… wow!’ We had a short conversation and we left. We were all awed about the simplicity and humility that exuded from this great man of God.

Born in Dadieso by the Volta somewhere in the now Oti Region, his home village was eventually had to make way for the creation of the Volta Dam and its resulting Lake. Osramani, one of the resettlement communities then became his new hometown. At age 13, Aps. Michael Ntumy encountered Jesus Christ, a situation that changed the course of his life for what lay ahead of him. By 19, he had completed Training College and started his teaching career in far-away Yendi. At age 22, he converted and in two years, was ordained a Deacon in The Church of Pentecost, only to be ordained Elder barely six months later. A year later, at age 24, he tied the marital knot to Martha with whom they now have six adult children. That same year, he had the rare privilege of representing his region at the church’s General Council Meeting (the highest policy making body of the church). At age 26, Michael Ntumy was called to full-time ministry in The Church of Pentecost and served in a number of stations. Up to this point, it was as though God was in a hurry to mould and fashion this young man for an impending assignment and true, it was.

At age 33, Aps. Michael Ntumy was called to the office of Apostle and at 40 (after 14 years in full-time pastoral ministry), he was nominated by prophecy and elected 4th Chairman of The Church of Pentecost. He served in that capacity for two terms of five years each finally stepping down at age 50. Within the period, the church witnessed tremendous growth with membership moving up from 800,000 in 1998 spread in 44 nations to 1,700,000 in 2008 spread in 71 countries (over 160%) among several other growth and development indicators. His tenure as Chairman opened up the church greatly and endeared it to many non-members who came to appreciate the workings of the Lord through the ministry of the church.

Within the context of ecumenism, Aps. Ntumy served in several high level positions of trust. These included 1st Vice President of the Bible Society of Ghana, President of the Bible Society of Ghana, President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council for two terms and other endeavours within the body of Christ in Ghana.

On the national scene, Aps. Ntumy made significant input as Member of the Ghana Aids Commission, and other endeavours. For all his contributions, the State In 2006 decorated him as a Companion of the Order of the Volta (Civil Division), one of the highest awards any Ghanaian could receive from the State.

Here was a man who had endured many adversities in life – suffered hostage for months in rebel territory during the Liberian Civil War of the 1990s, endured several death attacks through poisoning, physical assault, spiritual attacks, etc. As though this was not enough and as circumstances will have it, Aps. M.K. Ntumy had to undertake a surgery soon after stepping down from office, which led to him being completely paralysed, a situation that confined him to the wheelchair. Indeed many would have given up at this point and possibly like Biblical Job, begin to question God on his faithfulness towards his children. But no, even in that condition, Aps. Ntumy still trusted in his God for strength. Using only two fingers, he has since authored five books and supported the publication of several others by the church.

Growing up, my dear friend, I had heard sermons by Pastor Mensa Otabil on the inner strength of Helen Keller. But trust me, if you ever needed to read about a modern day Helen Keller who rose up from the adversities and afflictions of life to glorify his Father through and through, read the autobiography of Aps. Dr. Michael Kwabena Ntumy. He epitomises a man of righteousness, living faith, great courage, selflessness, tenacity and strength of character, and humility all rolled into one.

Written in free flowing simple English Language, if this book does not inspire you, dear friend, forget it; no other book will! The author has given graphic details without making reading in the least boring.

Grab your copy from the front desk of The Church of Pentecost General Headquarters at La in Accra or any of the active bookshops in town for only GHC40.00.